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Free Thinking - Writers Writing about Love

Anne McElvoy is joined by novelists AL Kennedy, Tahmima Anam and Alain de Botton to talk about depicting relationships across cities and continents.

Anne McElvoy invites three novelists into the studio to discuss Love - the theme of each of their latest novels. A L Kennedy's Serious Sweet examines love in later life, Tahmima Anam explores different aspects ofyoung love in The Bones of Grace and Alain de Botton says no-one lives happy ever after, we should talk a lot more about what comes next - hence the title of his book The Course of Love. Aside from whether Romanticism is plague or blessing, the writers also discuss whether writers themselves make good lovers and the challenge of making life choices in an increasingly mobile and crowded world. A L Kennedy's Serious Sweet is now out in paperback. Tahmima Anam's The Bones of Grace is out in paperback in June. Alain de Botton's The Course of Love is out in paperback in June. Producer: Jacqueline Smith Originally broadcast Thu 5 May 2016.

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