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6. Privy to the King

Sir Henry Norris talks about his work as the 'groom of the stool' to King Henry VIII

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10 minutes


The 1530s at Windsor Castle...

Sir Henry Norris introduces himself but is quickly interupted by his master, King Henry VIII. Henry has risen early - at 4am - with the intention of going hunting. Sir Henry has been getting the King's clothes ready but must now tend to another matter - the King's 'easement', since his role as 'Groom of the Stool' requires Sir Henry to tend to the monarch's most private needs.

Henry VIII remembers a jousting tournament at which he excelled and - his 'easement' now complete - he is ready for the hunt.

The scene switches to the hunt where Henry VIII causes some alarm to Sir Henry by dismounting to despatch a wild boar on foot. As the hunt ends two poachers are brought before Henry VIII - it is John and his father from the previous drama A poor man's medicine. King Henry wastes little time on the poachers - they will hang. Then it's back to Windsor Castle for a feast.


Tudor music

Tudor music

Examples of Tudor music, including the famous tune 'Greensleeves'.