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'My life has been destroyed by mesh implants'

Thousands of women in the UK have been fitted with a vaginal mesh to treat pelvic organ prolapse and bladder incontinence, often after childbirth.
But some have told the Victoria Derbyshire programme how meshes have caused them life-changing problems.
The UK regulatory body MHRA said it "sympathises" with the women affected but that it believes the benefits outweigh the risks.
An MHRA spokesman said it was "committed to help address the serious concerns raised by some patients".
It added: "The greater proportion of the clinical community and patients support the use of these devices in the UK."
Ethicon said "these devices have helped millions of women".
It said it had "acted appropriately and responsibly in the research, development and marketing of its pelvic mesh products" and would robustly defend legal action.

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