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Digital Nation: Episode 80

A weekly round-up of the best local independent television from around the UK.

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  • Flying Lesson - STV Glasgow

    Views from high in the sky over parts of Scotland.

    Duration: 01:41

  • Famous Voice - Latest TV

    Unearthing the recorded voice of a renowned Victorian icon.

    Duration: 01:39

  • Tiny Turtle - Bay TV Liverpool

    A specialist vet has to resort to difficult methods to save a minuscule turtle.

    Duration: 02:02

  • Uncovered Cave - Notts TV

    Exploring a newly discovered cave under the Nottingham city centre.

    Duration: 02:07

  • Robot Wars - Made in Birmingham

    Meeting one of the infamous house robots from the cult BBC TV hit.

    Duration: 01:34

  • Mean Tweets - Made in Leeds

    Made in Leeds share some of their meaner social media interactions.

    Duration: 01:38

  • Dancing Stars - Made in Tyne & Wear

    Meeting the winners of Made in Tyne & Wear's dancing contest.

    Duration: 01:26

  • Creative Kingdom

    Exploring some of Britain's best leisure time inventions.

    Duration: 00:54

  • Lifesaving Son - Estuary TV

    The quick thinking of a Grimsby boy saved his biking dad's life.

    Duration: 02:03

  • Fencing Granny - Mustard TV

    An octogenarian fencing star from Norwich has taken on global greats in the sport.

    Duration: 01:25

  • Royal Tattoo - STV Edinburgh

    Behind the scenes of the spectacular Edinburgh Tattoo.

    Duration: 01:32

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