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Hungary: Protest and Populism

Is Hungary's government, once considered to be at the far end of the the European right, now considered mainstream?

Is the increasingly autocratic brand of populism adopted by Hungary’s right-wing government becoming a laboratory for right wing parties around the world? Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s tough policy against Muslim migrants and his call to defend Europe’s Christian civilisation have put him at odds with the rest of the European Union. On Newshour Extra this week, Owen Bennett Jones and his guests discuss this Hungarian vision of an ‘illiberal democracy’ and ask whether what was once considered on the edge of the European right, is now becoming an increasingly mainstream ideology.

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Sat 22 Apr 2017 11:06GMT



Nick Thorpe - BBC Central Europe reporter

Peter Rona - Fellow at Blackfriars Hall, at the University of Oxford, and a former president of the investment bank Schroders in the US

Marta Pardavi - Hungarian Helsinki Committee, a human rights advocacy group 

George Schopflin - Member of the European parliament for Victor Orban's Fidez party

Michael Ignatieff - Former leader of the Canadian Liberal Party and currently Rector of Central European University, Budapest

Zoltán Kovács - Spokesman of the Hungarian government


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