I Dressed as a Man to Work in a Mine

Pili Hussein from Tanzania disguised herself as a man so she could work down a mine. She wanted to make her fortune from the extremely rare gemstone known as Tanzanite. She fooled her male colleagues for ten years and now has her own mining company.

A church bell can last for thousands of years, but it needs constant care. Michele Cuzzoni from Italy spends most of his time looking after ancient bells. Alice Gioia went to meet him to find out more about his passion.

The Bread Of Life bakery in Beijing is staffed by abandoned children many of whom are also disabled. And instead of serving up Chinese delicacies, the shop caters for people with a taste for American food like pumpkin pie or chocolate chip cookies. Outlook's Dandan Chen went to meet the bakers.

Daniel Jardine is a quantum physicist with an unusual hobby. By day he runs his own successful business making components for thermal imaging cameras. But at night he indulges his secret passion for skateboarding. And it's not just ordinary skateboarding, but the specialist and sometimes dangerous discipline of full contact, downhill racing.

Image:Tanzanian miner Pili Hussein.
Credit: Pili as a miner (Gaure Mdee) and Pili speaking into a microphone (BBC)

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