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Do protein supplements help you build muscle?

Ten years ago, most people exercised to try and keep their weight down and stay fit. But these days men and women work out with weights to build muscle. You can see it on the catwalk and on ads - the ideal body type has changed. It’s led to a big growth in the sales of protein supplements, marketed as a way to bulk up. Mintel says sales grew by 23% last year as more women started buying protein. You see all types of protein shakes, snack bars, tablets and powders in chemists and supermarkets. Winifred Robinson talks to Tara Adlestone, founder of a company specialising in protein supplements for women called MissFits Nutrition, and Dr Stewart Gray, Lecturer in Exercise and Metabolic Health in Glasgow University.

First broadcast on You & Yours, 10 April 2017.

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