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Healthy living: mind

We learn about how we can encourage positive thoughts to maintain a healthy life

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15 minutes


  • Introduction

    Gemma introduces the topic of having a healthy mind

    Duration: 00:46

  • Voxpops

    Children talk about how they encourage happy thoughts

    Duration: 00:34

  • Song

    ‘Together’ No.13 All About Our School

    Duration: 01:34

  • Story

    Alfie receives some inspiring advice from his great grandad

    Duration: 06:52

  • Interview

    Psychologist Illona Boniwell gives tips and advice on how we can be happy thinkers

    Duration: 03:53

  • Reflection

    Gemma reflects on the importance of encouraging positive thoughts for a healthy life

    Duration: 01:23


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Teacher's Notes - Summer 2017

Teacher's Notes - Summer 2017

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