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Click Reports from Convergence

Click reports from Convergence, a London event bringing together artists and technologists to explore how tech changes the way we express ourselves through music, dance and coding

In a special edition, Click sets up at Convergence, a five-day event in London’s East End bringing together technology, music and art. It is not just a gadget fest but a chance to find out how everything from wearable tech to big data is changing our lives and the way we express ourselves through music, dance, coding and politics. Click hears from the Artistic Director, Glenn Max, the Creative Director of Another Space, Alexandros Tsolakis, the Designer of Extreme Experiences, Nelly Ben Hayoun, the musician Gwilym Gold and the choreographer, Holly Blakey.

(Photo caption: Trying out an exhibit at Convergence 2017 © Antonio Pagano)

Producer: Colin Grant

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