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Looking after ourselves: exercise and eating well

Join Ben Faulks for Something to Think About, the assembly series for children aged 5 - 7

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15 minutes


  • Introduction

    Ben welcomes the children and introduces the day’s topic

    Duration: 00:48

  • Quiz about looking after ourselves

    Duration: 01:09

  • Song

    From the tiny ant, no 32, Come and Praise Beginning

    Duration: 03:14

  • Story

    No pies for Ralph

    Duration: 07:39

  • Reflection

    Looking after ourselves

    Duration: 02:06

No pies for Ralph

by Tracey Hammet; read by Sarah Hadland

Once upon a time there lived Mr Flibbit, Mrs Flibbit and a younger Flibbit called Toby. The Flibbits had ten rooms in their house and in every room, there was a TV. Toby Flibbit liked watching sports programmes - but he never played sport. Mrs Flibbit liked watching dance programmes -  but she never danced. And Mr Flibbit liked watching cooking programmes - but he never, ever cooked anything except oven chips and pies.

One day while they were all watching telly, there was a knock at the door.

“Somebody get that! I’m watching Strictly Come Disco!” shouted Mrs Flibbit.

“Somebody get that or I won’t know how to make a spinach bake!” shouted Mr Flibbit.

“Somebody get that ‘cos Cardiff might score a goal”, shouted Toby.

Outside on the doorstep, sat Ralph, the stray dog. He could see some light through the curtains and he could hear the TVs blasting so he wondered why no one was answering the door.  He pressed the handle down with his paw and the door opened.

Ralph trotted into the lounge where Mrs Flibbit was watching her dance programme.

“Hello dearie,” said Mrs Flibbit, “where did you come from? Nice to meet you too, now lie down and watch the dancing with me!”

“Hmmm,” thought Ralph, “dancing looks fun.” He tried out some dance moves:  a high paw kick, a furry head spin! But Mrs Flibbit was too busy watching telly to notice.

Ralph trotted into another room where Toby was watching the sport. 

“Hey fella”, said Toby, “where did you come from? Lie down, and we can watch the football together!”

“Hmmm”, thought Ralph, “football looks fun.” He sniffed out a football from the cupboard, dribbled it around the room, then practised some headers, but Toby was too busy staring at the telly to notice.

Ralph trotted into the kitchen where Mr Flibbit was watching a cooking programme. 

“Ooooh, a visitor!” said Mr Flibbit. “I bet you’re hungry ‘int you!” said Mr Flibbit. “Just settle down here and watch this cooking programme for a bit, then I’ll cook you supper!”

“Hmmm”, thought Ralph as he watched the TV chef, “those recipes look delicious. I wonder what’s for supper.”

Supper was pie and chips, and Ralph thought it was yummy. 

Once the Flibbits had finished their supper Ralph thought they might at least play ball or have a little dance before bedtime but they watched more telly.

Just before bedtime, Mr Flibbit said: “You can be our dog if you like!”  So Ralph ran outside and picked up the suitcase he had hidden under the hedge and brought it in.

But after a week of living with the Flibbits, Ralph was very bored. Bored of watching the football and never playing a real game; bored of watching dancing programmes and never dancing a step; and bored of pie and chips. 

“The Flibbits are not a healthy family. Things have got to change around here!”  thought Ralph.

The next morning, Mr Flibbit got a big surprise when he looked in the freezer.

“We’ve beeeen robbbbed!” he bellowed. “They’ve taken every pie and chip in the freezer!”

“We’ve still got our tellies!” said Toby, running round counting the tellies. He flicked one on, but it didn’t work. And then another - it didn’t work.  “They’ve taken all the plugs off the tellies!” groaned Toby.

“It wasn’t burglars that took your pies, it was me,” said Ralph. “I buried them in the garden. Oh yeah, and I took all the plugs off the tellies too.”

The Flibbits didn’t know what to say, they’d never met a talking dog before!

“You’ve been very kind to me, but I’m afraid you don’t know how to look after a dog. You don’t even know how to look after yourselves,” said Ralph, picking up his suitcase.

“A dog needs a balanced and varied diet, just like a human. I need to play games and go for walks. I’m a dog not a furry cushion!” said Ralph

“But we love you!” said Toby, “we promise to change our ways!”

“Right”, said Ralph, giving Toby his lead, “we’re going for a walk”.

Ralph took the Flibbets down the High Street.  He stopped outside the dance studios.  “Dance Classes!” said Mrs Flibbit, “what fun”. She disappeared inside.

Ralph, Toby and Mr Flibbit continued to the park where the local youth football team were playing.  Toby stopped to watch.  “Come and join in!” called the coach.  So he did.

Then Ralph took Mr Flibbit to the local supermarket.  He led him to the vegetable section. Mr Flibbit stared at the broccoli and cauliflower in confusion.  “Plants? We can’t eat plants!” he muttered. “They’re vegetables”, barked Ralph, “and they’re very good for you.  I particularly like spinach.” said Ralph putting a big bunch in Mr Flibbit’s basket.

“And while we’re here we might as well get some fruit.” Ralph juggled two bananas, a pear and two oranges before dropping them into the basket.

That evening Mrs Flibbit taught everyone her dance moves, Toby showed off his football skills, and they all feasted on a tasty spinach bake cooked by Mr Flibbit with a little bit of help from Ralph.

“Are you going to unpack your suitcase now?” Mrs Flibbit asked Ralph. 

“As long as you promise I will never have to eat another pie!” barked Ralph.

And they all giggled.


Teacher's Notes - Summer 2017

Teacher's Notes - Summer 2017

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