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Looking after ourselves: staying safe in the sun

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  • Welcome and introduction

    Duration: 00:55

  • Interview with children

    What children like to do on a sunny day

    Duration: 00:43

  • Interview with Dr Vishal Madan

    On how to stay safe in the sun

    Duration: 02:28

  • Song

    Every colour under the sun, no 31, Come and Praise Beginning

    Duration: 02:29

  • Story

    Rosie’s Hat by Rob John, read by Amy Gavin

    Duration: 06:13

  • Reflection

    looking after ourselves, especially in the sun

    Duration: 01:53

Rosie's hat

Rosie's hat

Read by Amy Gavin

Rosie was excited. Very excited! Tomorrow, she’d be going on a camping holiday with her Mum and Dad. Rosie was six years old. She’d never been camping before, but her Mum had told her all about it.

When you went camping you could stay outdoors all the time. You could ride your bike round the campsite, go to the playground, play on the beach. When you went camping you didn’t go indoors all day: you even cooked your meals and ate your food outdoors. And at night, her Mum and Dad and Rosie would all sleep together in a tent. It was going to be brilliant!

“I wish we could go now,” said Rosie. “Why can’t we go today?”

“Because we’ve still got lots to do,” said Mum. “You haven’t even packed your clothes yet.”

Rosie’s Mum read out a list of all the things Rose would need to put in her camping bag.

“T-shirts, beach shoes, swimming costume, warm jumper for the night times, anorak in case it rains, hat...”

“Don’t need a hat,” said Rosie. “I don’t like wearing hats.”

“You need to take a hat,” said Mum.

“Why?” said Rosie.

“Because a hat will protect your face and neck from the sunshine,” explained Mum.

“I like the sunshine,” said Rosie.

“I do too,” said Mum. “Sunshine is lovely. But if we get too much sun our skin can easily burn and that can be dangerous. That’s why we put sunscreen on our skin and maybe wear a long-sleeved shirt if the sun is very bright. It’s also why we need to wear a hat.”

“But I don’t like hats,” said Rosie.

“No?” said Mum. “Well, perhaps you should look at this.”

Rosie’s Mum was holding a big paper bag.

“What is it?” said Rosie

“Look inside!” said Mum.

Rosie reached into the bag and took out ...  a hat. It was a blue hat covered with a pattern of bright red stars.

“Try it on,” said Mum.

Rosie put the hat on and looked at herself in the mirror. The hat wasn’t bad. Rosie quite liked the colours and the star pattern and she liked the hat’s floppy brim which would keep the sun off her face and neck. Rosie thought she looked quite cool in her blue and red star hat.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t like it,” said Mum.

“I do like it,” said Rosie.

“I can always take it back to the shop.”

“No”, said Rosie, “I want to keep it.”

“But you don’t like hats,” said Mum.

“Well I like this one,” said Rosie.


Later on, when she’d finished packing and had eaten her tea and watched a bit of telly and got ready for bed, Rosie was still wearing her brand new sun hat. 

The next morning the sun was shining. The car was loaded with clothes and camping gear and they were all ready to go.  As she sat in the back seat watching her Dad lock up the house, Rosie thought she’d never been so excited in all her life.

“Right”, said Dad, “I think that’s everything.”

“What about your hat, Dad?” said Rosie.

“Don’t need a hat,” said Dad.

“You do need a hat,” said Rosie. “Hats are important. Sunshine is good for you but if too much sun gets on your face and neck it could burn your skin and that can be dangerous.”

“But I don’t like wearing hats,” said Dad.

Rosie undid her seatbelt and got out of the car.

“Dad”, she said. “We’re not going anywhere till you’ve got a hat.”

Dad smiled and went back into the house. Moments later he came back wearing a white floppy sunhat.

“Will this one do Rosie?” he said.

“Yes, that’ll do nicely,” said Rosie. “Now let’s go camping!”

Rosie's Hat was written by Jeff Caple


Teacher's Notes - Summer 2017

Teacher's Notes - Summer 2017

Guidance notes and follow-up activities