Can Greece Get Back on Track?

Greece is facing its eighth successive year of recession in 2017. It's the longest, most punishing economic contraction ever seen in a developed country. And there could be more cuts, imposed by the lenders on the way. But today we bring you something you may not be so used to hearing - a Greek tale of entrepreneurial success. Kinems is a platform offering teaching support for children with learning difficulties. Since it's launch in Athens in 2012, it's proved so useful and successful it's spread across Europe and even to the United States. We speak to its founder and CEO Michael Boloudakis. Plus we speak to Apostolos Apostolakis an entrepreneur and venture capitalist about how you manage starting a new firm in such challenging circumstances. But Jens Bastian is a German independent financial analyst, based in Athens tells us thing aren't getting any better in Greece.

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