The MIT Report to Combat Cyber Threats

A report from CSAIL and CIS at MIT in Boston urges President Trump to take action on cybersecurity. Joel Brenner talks to Click about how to protect infrastructures like the electric grid from getting hacked.

Mark O’Connell, the author of To Be a Machine, discusses transhumanism, cyborgs and whether technology will ever enable us to defer death indefinitely.

The Rover Outreach Vehicle App is an android app to help the homeless help themselves. It is the brainchild of Karen Addato, the Hi Tech Rover founder, who drives a high-tech camper van kitted out with technology to help the homeless improve their lives and work prospects. Alison van Diggelen reports from Silicon Valley on this altruistic initiative.

The musician Gwilym Gold has developed Bronze, a tool which allows for an individual recording never to sound the same on subsequent playbacks. Gwilym Gold talks to Click about the myriad editions of a single piece of music.

Producer: Colin Grant.

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