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Street Artist and Photographer JR

The internationally acclaimed artist explains why his latest work sees him return to the scene of the Paris riots

Internationally acclaimed street artist and photographer JR explains why his latest huge piece of public art takes him back to the Paris housing estates or banlieues, where he began his career. His work is currently the subject of a major retrospective at QM Gallery Katara in Doha.

A new initiative in Berlin is offering tours of the city with a focus on the stories of refugees and migrants. We tag along to find out about the alternative side of their home city that locals are being invited to experience.

New York Times best-selling novelist Nicola Yoon tells Tina why she considers it her duty to write books for young people featuring diverse characters, and how the recent debates around immigration in the US have coincided with the subjects she tackles in her books.

With Tina Daheley

(Photo: JR outside the Louvre museum in Paris Credit: JOEL SAGET_AFP_Getty Images)

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