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European Prize for Women Innovators

European Prize for Women Innovators; CashlessAfrica Expo 2017; Improving Virtual Reality; DUET - interactive art work across continents

Michela Magas talks to Click about her recent top award at the European Prize for Women Innovators. Michela is founder of Stromatolite Design Innovation Labs, building a new generation of creative technology toolkits for innovation.

Industry leaders from more than forty African countries gathered in Lagos last week to address The Future of Finance. Africa’s financial industry is attempting to adapt itself to the on-going disruptions in the Fintech space in light of the increasing demands of young and energetic customers. Click talks to Emmanuel Okoegwale, the organiser of Cashless Africa.

One of the challenges for VR is getting enough data to each eye, so you are tricked into thinking that what you are seeing is actually real. A team of computer scientists in New Zealand think they may be a step closer to making VR more real. Andrew Chalmers gives Click’s Simon Morton a demonstration.

This Thursday the UK interactive art studio Invisible Flock, and Quicksand, an Indian research and design lab, unveil DUET – an ambitious and evolving artwork, a series of dynamic interactive animated-light panels created from raw, single-line, real time conversations between two anonymous individuals across two continents. Click talks to Victoria Pratt from Invisible Flock.

(Photo caption: Michela Magas named European Women Innovator of the Year © Music Tech Fest)

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