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Digital Nation: Episode 78

A weekly round-up of the best local independent television from around the UK.

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  • Rugby ref - Made in Cardiff

    Refereeing legend Nigel Owens shares his story about coming out in rugby union.

    Duration: 01:39

  • Barry Cox - Made in Liverpool

    Meet the Liverpool shelf-stacker who has made it big as a TV and pop star in China.

    Duration: 02:41

  • Tower Bridge - London Live

    The iconic River Thames crossing is playing host to artistic performances.

    Duration: 01:29

  • Skating rink - Notts TV

    One local mum set up her own rink to give her children a place to skate.

    Duration: 01:28

  • Fundraising effort - Made in Bristol

    How the Bristol community rallied together to help a local teenager with cerebral palsy.

    Duration: 01:59

  • Brexit explained - That's Oxfordshire

    An author has published a book explaining Brexit for young people.

    Duration: 01:34

  • Welsh Language - Bay TV Swansea

    A Swansea school is working hard to keep the Welsh language alive.

    Duration: 01:18

  • Creative Kingdom

    The UK has played hosts to some impressive female firsts.

    Duration: 00:56

  • Folk Hero - That's Solent

    A medieval Hampshire hero is now the subject of a new comic book.

    Duration: 01:57

  • Cathedral secrets - That's Manchester

    A photographer has captured hidden secrets from Manchester Cathedral's ceiling.

    Duration: 01:15

  • Young Authors - Made in Leeds

    Author Emma Rachael Hardcastle returned to her primary school to help young writers get their work published.

    Duration: 02:00

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