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Performing Surgery With a Hand-Mounted Exoskeleton

A hand-mounted exoskeleton for surgeons; Japan’s extreme weather-predicting K computer; Social networks guide to weather forecast; Protecting accelerometers from attack

A hand-mounted exoskeleton for surgeons is being demonstrated at the European Robotics Forum. Click talks to Dr Sanja Dogramadzi from the Bristol Robotics Laboratory about the research into the robotic exoskeleton that will help in intricate surgery, mimicking the actions of the surgeon’s hands.

RIKEN’s K computer in Kobe, Japan, is used for a range of fields including earthquake and tsunami research and weather forecasting. Its fast calculations and high resolution simulations are revolutionising weather predictions. Geoff Marsh reports from Kobe.

Weather prediction is being increasingly helped via social network sites. Click talks to Nataliya Tkachenko about how alerts on social networks and photographs are being used to augment weather prediction.

A new study shows how mobile phone accelerometers can be spoofed by blasting them with rogue sounds and vibrations. Click talks to the University of Michigan Ph.D student Timothy Trippel about the threat to hardware in phones and other devices.

(Photo caption: Exoskeleton prototype © UWE Bristol)

Producer: Colin Grant

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