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Digital Nation: Episode 77

A weekly round-up of the best local independent television from around the UK.

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  • Pioneering Aviator - NVTV Belfast

    Visit rehearsals for a musical about Lilian Bland, the first British woman to build and fly a plane.

    Duration: 02:10

  • Drone Racing - Made in Bristol

    Visit one of the world's first drone racing events.

    Duration: 02:10

  • City Lights - That's Cambridge

    The e-Luminate Festival lights up Cambridge's historic centre.

    Duration: 01:24

  • Samba Dancing - Made in Liverpool

    Sharing the culture of Samba in Liverpool.

    Duration: 01:21

  • Cancer Support - STV Edinburgh

    Visiting a support centre for young people with cancer.

    Duration: 02:09

  • Welsh-language Music - Made in Cardiff

    Find out about a special day celebrating Welsh-language music.

    Duration: 01:28

  • Graffiti Gallery - Made in Birmingham

    Renowned graffiti artist Temper has a new exhibition of his work at a local gallery.

    Duration: 01:28

  • Creative Kingdom

    Do you know what sports the UK invented?

    Duration: 00:54

  • Ancient Blacksmith - That's Solent

    An archaeological site on the South Downs showcases ancient blacksmithing.

    Duration: 01:50

  • Meeting Mandela - STV Glasgow

    Remembering Nelson Mandela's 1993 visit to Glasgow and his ties to the city.

    Duration: 01:48

  • Firefighter Training - Made in Leeds

    Join new recruits as they are put through firefighter entry fitness tests.

    Duration: 01:41

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