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Steve and Derek - Things That Go Bump in the Night

Animators: Leana Felipe, Claire Laniyan, Elliot Stronza, Nathan Backhouse, Lila Babington
Course: BA Animation at Norwich University of the Arts

The animators say: We chose this radio content as we found the interview amusing and entertaining. We thought we could generate a visually interesting animation that matches the dialogue. We decided to use an animation style which is geometric and abstract and will enhance some sections of the conversation, some will be representative rather than literal, but we still tie back to the key words in the conversation. We were inspired by the low poly style illustrations because the basic geometric shapes can be used in both a technical and descriptive sense. This style is able to communicate texture and depth without sacrificing a minimalist aesthetic, which we wanted to achieve so the words being said do not feel disjointed with the animation.

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57 seconds