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The Food We Breathe

How your next meal might affect your next breath

As part of the BBC wide #SoICanBreathe season, The Food Chain explores how the ways we grow and cook our food can affect how we breathe. From the indoor pollution generated by cooking, to how farming practices change the air for miles around, our food can have a big impact on how we breathe. We come full circle to find out how air pollution can get in to our food and why your lettuce might have spots.

But it's not all bad news, and we'll also visit India and Ghana to explore developments that might help us all breathe a bit more easily.

Plus, if our diet is potentially part of the problem when it comes to air pollution, could it also be part of the solution?

(Image: A Pakistani woman blows on a small cooking fire to bake bread at a makeshift camp. Credit: Rizwan Tabassum/ Getty Images)

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