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Rude Valentines. Neil Gaiman, Translating China's Arts

Neil Gaiman talks Norse myths with Rana Mitter, plus the ugly side of Valentines from Edmund Richardson and Annebella Pollen plus Chinese Culture and its new audiences.

Neil Gaiman on his enduring attraction to the world of giants, gods and rainbow bridges of Norse myths and why he's produced his own version; plus research into the ugly side of Valentines from classical times to the 19th century with Annebella Pollen and Edmund Richardson, and, as the RSC prepares to bring Snow in Midsummer to the stage, the first of a planned series of Chinese classics, Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig explains her play's 13th century origins and along with Craig Clunas, author of Chinese Painting and Its Audiences, talks to Rana Mitter about bringing Chinese culture to new global audiences.

Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig play Snow in Midsummer based on a Chinese classic is on at The Royal Shakespeare Company's Swan Theatre Feb 23rd-March 25th 2017
Craig Clunas' new book is Chinese Painting and Its Audiences
Neil Gaiman's new book is called Norse Mythology.
Annebella Pollen is Principal Lecturer in the History of Art and Design at the University of Brighton and has published her research on Valentines in Early Popular Visual Culture, 2014.
Edmund Richardson Director of the Durham Centre for Classical Reception, University of Durham

Producer: Jacqueline Smith

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44 minutes