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"Beautiful, Beautiful Chaos"

Correspondents' stories: Tim Hartley with the soccer fans of Gabon; Nick Sturdee and murder in Turkey; Hywel Griffith in Australia; Emma Levine in Albania; Andrew Gray in Kosovo.

Bridget Kendall introduces correspondents' stories. Today, Tim Hartley hears how politics are forgotten amid the colour and friendship of the African Cup of Nations in Gabon. Nick Sturdee has a fantastical tale of intrigue and murder in Turkey - but where does the trail lead? Hywel Griffith, in Sydney, Australia, is with the 90 year old who is keeping the developers at bay. Emma Levine hunts down Albania's elusive rail network; and phoning home may have been difficult during the Kosovo conflict but Andrew Gray remembers fondly the opportunities and advantages of not being connected.

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