Close Ties Between Murdoch and Trump?

An investigation by The Financial Times suggests President Trump's daughter Ivanka was a key trustee for shares owned by Rupert Murdoch's two youngest daughters. Mr Murdoch owns a media empire that includes Fox News and the Wall Street Journal newspaper. The FT's Global Media editor Matthew Garrahan who wrote the story joins us to explain more.

The Paris Climate Deal of 2015 was hailed as a major breakthrough in the fight against global emissions. But perhaps one of the sectors not covered by the deal was the airline industry, which accounts for 2% of global carbon dioxide emissions. So what could, or should be done to make planes greener? Simon Blakey, a specialist on low carbon combustion at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield in the UK joins us from the UN Alternative Fuels Seminar in Montreal, Canada to discuss just that.

And, struggling to save lives in the waters between Turkey and Greece, we hear from Daphne Matziaraki, director of an Oscar-nominated documentary about the efforts of one coastguard captain.

The BBC's Roger Hearing is joined by the president of AC Growth Delivered, Simon Littlewood, Gernot Wagner, author of the book Climate Shock, and professor of economics at Harvard University, and by the BBC's Phil Mercer.

(Photo: Donald Trump leaves with Australian born media magnate Rupert Murdoch after a tour of his International Golf Links course, Aberdeen, Scotland, 2016. Credit: Michal WachucikAFP/Getty Images)

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