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AI Predicting Emotion in Conversations

How AI can recognise emotion in conversations; LibreRouter: a DIY router; Project Tide’s tool for TB diagnosis; WeChat’s mini programs

Researchers from MIT say that they are developing an artificially intelligent wearable system that can predict if a conversation is happy, sad or neutral based on a person’s speech patterns and vitals. Click talks with the MIT researchers, Tuka Alhanai and Mohammad Ghassemi.

Why buy a router when you can build your own? Carlos Rey-Moreno, one of the team behind the LibreRouter, discusses this cheap networking tool that is expected to launch later this year.

Project Tide, developed in collaboration with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, is a smartphone app to help health professionals in developing countries accurately diagnose TB. Project Tide’s Cyan Collier describes its development.

China’s WeChat mobile phone platform has recently launched mini programs, as rivals to apps. Click talks to Matthew Brennan from China Channel about WeChat’s prominence in China.

(Photo caption: Mood-Predicting Wearables © Jason Dorfman/MIT CSAIL)

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