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What Does Steve Bannon Think?

Hugely influential as Trump's strategist, where does Steve Bannon want to take America?

Steve Bannon is widely seen as one of the most influential – and in some quarters one of the most dangerous - men in President Trump’s administration. He holds the key post of White House Chief Strategist, but who is he and what does he really believe? Join Owen Bennett Jones and his guests on Newshour Extra this week as they consider Mr Bannon's influence in the future direction of policy. How will his mix of right and left-wing views shape President Trump’s economic plans? How might his interest in fringe historical theories impact on social and foreign policy? And what are the consequences of his belief that the Judeo-Christian West is facing an existential crisis in its confrontation with the Islamic world?

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Sat 4 Feb 2017 04:06GMT



Frances Sellers - senior writer at The Washington Post who has written profiles of Steve Bannon.

Christopher Caldwell - from the right leaning Weekly Standard

Thomas Frank - American political analyst and historian. His latest book is "Listen, Liberal: or, Whatever Happened to the Party of the People?"

Benjamin Harnwell - from the Human Dignity Institute. Steve Bannon said of him: "Harnwell's the smartest guy in Rome - always a tough guy - he comes across as a monk but he's actually a very tough guy"

Also taking part:

Mark McManus, president of the United Association, the union representing plumbers, fitters, welders and service technicians in the US.

Andrew Wilkow - host of the Wilkow Majority radio programme on Sirius XM Patriot





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