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Politics of Fear or a Rebellion of the Forgotten?

Why are so many people in democracies showing hostility towards establishment power?

Why are so many people in advanced democracies showing hostility towards so-called smug elites and establishment power? From Brexit to Trump, populist leaders have responded to the growing number of voters who feel disenchanted, disconnected and disenfranchised, and fear globalisation, immigration and terrorism. Frustrated at being economically left behind and politically ignored, is their disaffection dangerous or a temporary railing against the centres of power? Are the political elite in power now facing a rebellion of the forgotten – a populist insurgency, with a backlash from an electorate who are looking beyond the established and traditional parties and formations?

Join Zeinab Badawi and a high level panel of opinion formers from across Europe and America.

The panel includes:

Eric Cantor - Former Republican Congressman, US
Alexander De Croo - Deputy Prime Minister, Belgium
Dominic Raab - Conservative MP, UK
Elif Shafak - Turkish writer and commentator

Image: The panel for the debate, Credit: World Economic Forum/Ciaran McCrickard

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50 minutes