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Words and Music The Bridge Words and Music: The Bridge

The Bridge - both an exhilarating leap in the dark and a feat of engineering. Bridges shape our world whether they're constructions thrown across a raging torrent or synaptic sparks that convert incomprehension into meaning. The latest RSC Hamlet, Paapa Essiedu and Alice St Clair, the star of William and Catherine: A Royal Romance, take us from West to East on the Galata Bridge in Istanbul; we join them on the fateful Tallahatchie Bridge; and brood on the rainbow bridge that inspired Wagner ; there's time too to peer into the Thames with Wordsworth or wonder at the spectres crossing it with T S Eliot. The path leads between light and dark, gravity and weightlessness and despair and hope .... a hair-raising but all-too-familiar balancing act! Producer: Zahid Warley.