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How buying a US football team helped expand 'brand Trump'

As Donald Trump takes charge of the world's most powerful nation we head back to the early 1980s when his goals were slightly more modest.

One of his ambitions was to own a sport franchise and he coveted an NFL team. Unable to make this happen, he purchased the New Jersey Generals American football team of the newly formed USFL. Within two years the league had collapsed and many blame Trump for its demise.

So why did he get involved with the USFL? Broadcaster Charley Steiner called the Generals' games and documentary maker Mike Tollin who was in charge of the USFL broadcasting

Photo: USFL team New Jersey Generals owner Donald Trump, shakes hands with Herschel Walker at a news conference in New York, after agreeing on a four-year contract. (CREDIT: Dave Pickoff, File)

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