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Dress historian Jade Halbert

Bryan talks to fashion historian Jade Halbert about clothes through the ages.

Bryan Burnett meets Glasgow University dress historian Jade Halbert, and talks to her about her work uncovering the stories that clothes can tell us.

Jade explains why clothes from past centuries are just as important as paintings or sculptures and what they can tell us about how we used to live. She also has lots to say about how clothes reflect our personalities. We all choose clothes to wear every day, and they all say something about us whether it's school uniform or football kit.

Jade chats to Bryan about her own work at Glasgow University, and the kind of very careful work she does with clothes in her role as a dress historian. She looks very closely at the way a particular dress or suit was designed and created and so gets an insight into the story of the person who wore them.

And she also reveals to Bryan what sort of underwear he'd be wearing if he'd been living in the 1800's!

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  • Wed 25 Jan 2017 03:20