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The Paralympian planning for euthanasia

Paralympian Marieke Vervoort has had an incurable degenerative spinal disease for 20 years. It causes her constant pain, paralysis of her legs and seizures preventing her from sleeping properly.
Marieke is from Belgium, where euthanasia is legal. Eight years ago she signed papers that will, eventually, allow a doctor to end her life.
Euthanasia is a controversial subject, with many people strongly opposed on both ethical and practical grounds. It is illegal in the UK.
This film is Marieke's personal story, showing her day-to-day life dealing with her illness - you may disagree with her choices or find this upsetting to watch.
Over the coming months, 5Live Sport and the Victoria Derbyshire programme will be following her story. We will also hear from those who oppose euthanasia.

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12 minutes