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Learning to... Stay healthy

Assembly series for children aged 5 - 7.

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15 minutes


  • Opening and welcome including interviews with children

    Duration: 01:22

  • Visit to a school kitchen to find out how meals are prepared

    Duration: 02:10

  • Song: Got A Bit Better, no 11 All About Our School

    Duration: 01:53

  • Story: Yuck Yum by Sue Mongredien, read by John Hasler

    Duration: 07:21

  • Reflection and prayer

    Duration: 02:07

Yuck! Yum!

Written by Sue Mongredien

Read by John Hasler 


Josh didn’t like vegetables.  He didn’t like fruit.  He didn’t like meat or fish or rice or potatoes either.  The only thing Josh liked to eat was jam sandwiches.  YUM!

One morning at school, his teacher, Mrs Morgan, said, “We’re going to start a new topic today. We’ll be learning about healthy food and why we all need to eat healthily to stay fit and strong.”

“YUCK!” muttered Josh.

“Who can tell me some healthy foods?” Mrs Morgan asked. Lots of people put their hands up, but Josh just looked at the floor.

“Apples,” said Polly.

“Bananas,” said Molly.

“Carrots,” said Billy.

“Broccoli,” said Millie.

“Very good,” said Mrs Morgan.  “Fruit and vegetables are great healthy foods.  Josh, can you think of anything?”

Josh shook his head.  “I just like jam sandwiches,” he muttered.

“Hmm,” said Mrs Morgan. “Jam sandwiches are fine for a treat now and then, but fruit and vegetables are better for you.  They’ll help stop you being ill, and give you the vitamins you need to grow.”  She smiled at Josh.  “And we’re going to try lots of healthy food today.”

“YUCK!” thought Josh.   He wasn’t going to try lots of healthy food.  No way!

Mrs Morgan handed out carrot sticks to everyone.

“Yum!” said Polly, Molly, Billy and Millie.

“YUCK,” growled Josh.  “Carrots are for rabbits.”

Mrs Morgan laughed.  “You’re right – rabbits do like carrots, and so do humans. They are full of vitamins and other good things that your body needs.”

All the children began eating the carrot sticks … except Josh.

“Try it, Josh,” Mrs Morgan said.  “Pretend you’re a rabbit and have a nibble.”

Josh didn’t want to be a rabbit… but Polly, Molly, Billy and Millie did.  They twitched their noses … stuck out their front teeth … and crunched up the carrots.  “Yum!” they said, laughing.

Josh watched them.  Being a rabbit looked like fun.  So after a moment, he twitched his nose … stuck out his front teeth … and took a tiny nibble of the carrot.  Guess what!  It actually tasted okay – crunchy and juicy.  “Yum!” he said in surprise.


Before playtime, the children always had a snack.  Today they had bananas.

“Yum!” said Polly, Molly, Billy and Millie.

“YUCK!” growled Josh.  “Bananas are for monkeys.”

Mrs Morgan laughed.  “You’re right – monkeys do like bananas, and so do humans.  Bananas are full of potassium which helps your muscles and nerves work properly.  And athletes love eating bananas because they give you lots of energy.”

All the children began peeling their bananas … except Josh.

“Try it, Josh,” Mrs Morgan said.  “Eat your banana and then you can be a monkey in the playground with your friends.”

Josh didn’t want to be a monkey … but Polly, Molly, Billy and Millie did.  They ate their bananas and ran outside to the playground.  Josh could see them jumping around, laughing and making monkey noises.

Being a monkey looked like fun.  So after a moment, he took a tiny bite of the banana.  Guess what! It actually tasted okay – creamy and sweet. “Yum!” he said in surprise.  Then he ran outside to join the monkey game.  It was brilliant!


At lunch-time, there was salad to eat.

“Yum!” said Polly, Molly, Billy and Millie.

“YUCK!” growled Josh.  He wished he’d brought a packed lunch so that he could have jam sandwiches!

Mrs Morgan saw that Josh wasn’t eating and came over to the table.

“I don’t want to eat plants, Josh said crossly.  “I hate salad!”

“Shall I tell you a creature that would have loved this salad?” Mrs Morgan said. “A stegosaurus! Stegosauruses – and lots of other dinosaurs – were plant eaters.  This plate of salad is full of vitamins and iron.  If you eat lots of salad, Josh, you’ll soon be as strong as a dinosaur!”

Josh took a small bite of lettuce.  He imagined he was a stegosaurus, chomping through a whole plant with one bite.  Chomp!  And guess what!  The lettuce actually tasted okay.

Before he knew it, Josh had eaten all his salad.  “Yum!” he said in surprise.  He was sure he felt stronger already!

“Good boy,” said Mrs Morgan.  “Now you can go outside and be a stegosaurus for the rest of playtime.”


After school that day, Josh and his mum stopped at the shops to buy some food for dinner.

“We should get some carrots, Mum, they’re full of vitamins,” Josh said, putting some in the basket. “And bananas will give us lots of energy.  And salad makes you as strong as a dinosaur, you know!”

“Goodness, Josh, you have learned a lot at school today,” she said.

And then Josh showed his mum how he could be a rabbit, a monkey and a dinosaur all the way home. 


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