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The Weird. Science and Art at FACT. Japanese film Your Name.

Rana Mitter on science and art on show at Liverpool's FACT in a show called No Such Thing As Gravity and what we mean by the weird.

Wierd fiction presents the universe as an irrational place, totally indifferent to human concerns. Is 'the wierd' a more general approach that can bextended beyond fiction to encompass the other arts, or even politics and science? Rana Mitter discusses the idea of the wierd with literary scholar Nick Freeman of the University of Loughborough, cultural theorist Caroline Edwards of Birkbeck, University of London, and astronomer Marek Kukula of the Royal Observatory at Greenwich.
Continuing to explore the faultline between art and science, Rana meets artist Helen Pynor and gallery director Mike Stubs to discuss science and art on show at Liverpool's FACT.
And, we discuss the new Japanese animated film Your Name with Japanologist Irena Hayer of the Univeristy of Leeds, and Justin Johnson, curator of animation and films for younger people at the British Film Institute.
No Such Thing As Gravity is on show at FACT, Liverpool until February 5th 2017.
Your Name is on release at selected cinemas throughout the country now.

Producer: Luke Mulhall

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45 minutes