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Albania's Cannabis Boom

It's boom time in Albania. Linda Pressly and producer, Albana Kasapi, investigate the 'green gold' rush in this small, Balkan nation.

Albania has become the largest producer of outdoor-grown cannabis in Europe. This illicit industry - overseen by organised crime groups - began in the late 1990s and has spread across this small, Balkan nation. Most of this 'green gold' is trafficked out, with whole villages depending on the money it makes. The Albanian government is attempting to contain the industry by eradicating millions of plants, and seizing industrial-sized quantities that are dried and prepared for market in secret locations. With producer Albana Kasapi, Linda Pressly investigates Albania's cannabis boom.

Image: Commander Agron Cullhaj assesses one of the largest seizures of cannabis Albanian police have ever made – over 4 tons. Copyright BBC.

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