Astro Pi Challenge

More than 350 teams have been selected for the 2017 European Astro Pi Challenge to compete to send their computer codes to the International Space Station. Click talks to Monica Talevi from the European Space Agency.

Automatic Speech Analysis
In rural Uganda radio serves as a vital platform for public discussion, information sharing and news. Paula Hidalgo-Sanchis and John Quinn describe how the UN initiative Pulse Lab Kampala is developing a prototype that makes it possible to conduct analysis of public discussions on the radio across Ugandan English, Luganda and Acholi.

Style Transfer on Facebook
Style Transfer is one of the latest developments in machine learning and the practice and deployment of AI. Anand Jagatia talks to Facebook’s Yann LeCun, a recent recipient of a Lovie Award, about how this new and exciting technique enables users of smart phone cameras to produce an image in the style of a desired (possibly famous) painting.

3D Printed Corset for Scoliosis
Scoliosis is a debilitating orthopaedic condition and corsets are often made to help with correcting the effects of the condition but getting the right shape is often problematic. Click talks to Lelio Leoncini, a surgeon who specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and who has been experimenting with 3D printing orthopaedic corsets.

(Photo caption: The European Astro Pi Challenge by ESA: Run your code in space! © ESA)

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