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Exciting Geology of Chicxulub Crater

Drilling the ‘Dinosaur Meteor’ crater shows immense geological upheaval at time of impact. Also mission to drill for the oldest Antarctic ice and how light affects insects

The results from drilled geological samples of the Chicxulub crater have just been published. The crater off the coast of Mexico is thought to have been made by a meteor striking the Earth 66 million years ago. The strike and resultant ‘sterilisation effects’ on the planet are thought to play a major role in the demise of the dinosaurs. Core samples from the inner ring of the crater show that the impact was massive. Rocks from over 20 km down were brought up to the surface.

Oldest Ice
This week marks the start of a three stage mission to drill for the oldest ice cores on Earth. The current oldest ice-cores reveal what the climate was like 800,000 years ago. But scientists from 10 European countries, including the British Antarctic Survey, want to drill further back in time to 900,000 to 1 million year old ice. This is because they think these ice-cores might hold atmospheric clues as to why the periodicity of ice ages switched from 40,000 year cycles to 100,000 year cycles.

Insects and LED Light
Annoying biting midges are less attracted to LED light than they are to the older "incandescent" lights. Researchers think this could be due to the heat output of older lights being higher than the modern, energy efficient LED lights.

Red Light and Bees
Red light can help cure bumblebees. Researchers found that shining, very long wavelength, red light on bumblebees, reverses the damage to the cell’s energy mechanism caused by neonicotinoid pesticides.

Animal-free Food
A group of Chilean scientists are on a mission to change the way that we make food and reduce the impact of animal faming on the environment in the process . The researchers have set up a company that uses artificial intelligence to find a way to replicate animal-based products like milk, yoghurt, cheese and mayonnaise, using plant based ingredients.

Picture: Recovered core from the Chicxulub impact crater, credit: @ECORD_IODP

Presenter: Roland Pease
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