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Ada Lovelace inspires women in tech

How do you inspire more women to get into science, technology, engineering and maths? One idea is to celebrate the achievements of women working in those industries. And that's happening right now; today is Ada Lovelace Day. She was a 19th century mathematician, considered to be the world's first programmer. She worked with inventor Charles Babbage on his idea for an "analytical engine", a predecessor to the computer. Her passion and vision has made her a powerful symbol in the modern tech world. But still women are chronically under represented. In the UK they make up just 14% of the science, technology, engineering and maths workforce. Maria Ntalla is a Senior Software Engineer at Pivotal who also coaches women to consider careers in technology. She told Susannah Streeter why some women are put off from taking up positions.

(Picture: Ada Lovelace. Picture credit: Hulton Archive / Getty Images.)

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