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Amazigh Women of Morocco

How The Amazigh women of Morocco are striving to hold onto their religious identity

The Amazigh women of Morocco have faced threats to their strong traditions and distinct religious identity for thousands of years. Celeste Hicks travelled high into the Atlas Mountains to find out how the Amazigh are dealing with a new threat – a stricter traditional version of Islam that could undermine their unique way of practising their faith.

She hears how the Amazigh are trying to hold on to many of their traditions such as carpet weaving and facial tattoos which the conservative forces that are becoming more influential would find ‘haram’ or forbidden. The Amazigh women are a strong independent force in their historic tribe which date back to the days of Jesus' time on earth and holding on to that identity is a continuing struggle.

(Photo: Amazigh women with facial tattoos carry their children on their backs)

*The programme have been re-edited since it was first broadcast to ensure that certain translations are more accurate*

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