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Hillary Clinton’s ‘Body Double’

Meet Hillary Clinton’s lookalike – the woman at the heart of a fake conspiracy claiming the presidential candidate has been using a body double to avoid questions about her health

Last week when Hillary Clinton almost collapsed at a 9/11 memorial, conspiracy theorists went into overdrive, falsely claiming the presidential candidate was using a body double to avoid questions about her health. We met the lookalike at the heart of the story.

And - news that a gorilla in a Chinese zoo had been named Harambe McHarambeface following a public poll went viral on Reddit. The story sounded too good to be true, so BBC Trending did some digging to find out what had really happened.

Finally – one student’s Facebook rant seems to have triggered widespread violence in Bangalore. But what’s behind the meme warfare – and real world fighting – in the Indian city?

(Photo: Teresa Barnwell dressed as Hillary Clinton. Credit: Teresa Barnwell)

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