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Reuniting Families with Lost War Medals

A soldier's quest to reunite lost war medals with their owners. Also, landing a plane with no lights, the Chennai office where a dog is boss, Colombian film projector collector.

Major Zachariah Fike is on a mission to reunite lost war medals with their owners.

Pilot Geoff Cobden of Australia's Royal Flying Doctor Service landed a plane at night, on a dusty airstrip with no lights, thanks to an ingenious solution - a row of flaming toilet rolls.

Geeta Pandey has visited an office in Chennai where a dog called Goofy is the boss.

Hugo Suarez Fiat collects old film projectors and founded a cinematography museum in Colombia.

Saudi writer Raja Alem is the first woman to have won the International Prize for Arabic Fiction.

(Photo: Purple Hearts Reunited INC)

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