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Jonathan and Niimi - Travelling the world

Directed and Animated by Paolo Russo - Bristol School of Animation, UWE Bristol - May 2016.

Jonathan and his daughter Niimi talk about different cultures and traditions.

Paolo says, “When I was younger I was lucky enough to travel extensively with my family. I inherited, from my dad, a deep passion for visiting new places and discovering different cultures. I always had a fervent interest in old myth, legends and religions from around the world. This is the main reason that I chose this particular conversation. I thought it was really visual and an opportunity to try a different medium which I had never tried before, oil paint on glass. The result is actually better than what I was expecting. I worked on a storyboard and an animatic on TVpaint first, and then I fully animated the conversation, on my own, in approximately a week - working several hours a day.”

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1 minute