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India Simplifies its Tax System

Indian politicians vote to streamline their highly complex tariff system; the price of advertising participation at the Rio Olympics; and the business of the Brexit blame game.

India introduces a tax system that - it is hoped - people can more easily understand. The country's politicians have voted to streamline the nation's complex tariff system. We hear how foreign companies expect a consequent boom in investment.

We discuss the bans on hashtags and social media restrictions that are a result of lucrative sponsorship deals at the Rio Olympics.

And we hear why seaweed farmers in Indonesia are taking an Australian company to court over an oil spill.

We are joined throughout the programme by Peter Morici, professor of International Business at the University of Maryland and Tony Nash, chief economist and managing partner at Complete Intelligence in Singapore.

(Photo: Indian labourers unload bags of rice and wheat from a cart at a wholesale market in New Delhi. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

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  • Thu 4 Aug 2016 00:06GMT

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