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Finals - Men's +100kg & Women's +78kg

Live coverage of the repechage, semi-finals and medal contests from the Carioca Arena.

Release date:

2 hours, 50 minutes


Timings (where shown) are from the start of the programme in hours and minutes

  • Sayit (TUR) v Cheikh Rouhou (TUN) - (W) +78kg

  • Kim (KOR) v Savelkoulis (NED) - (W) +78kg

  • Silva (BRZ) v Meyer (NED) - (M) +100kg

  • Mendoza (CUB) v Krakovetskii (KGZ) - (M) +100kg

  • Yu (CHN) v Andeol (FRA) - (W) +78kg

  • Ortiz (CUB) v Yambe (JPN) - W +78kg

  • Riner (FRA) v Sasson (ISR) - M +100kg

  • Harasawa (JPN) v Tangriev (UZB) - M +100kg

  • Sayit (TUR) v Yambe (JPN) - W +78kg

  • Andeol (FRA) v Ortiz (CUB) - W +78kg

  • Silva (BRA) v Tangriev (UZB) - M +100kg

  • Mendoza (CUB) v Sasson (ISR) - M +100kg

  • Riner (FRA) v Harasawa (JPN) - M +100kg

  • Medal Ceremony

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