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Accessing Extremism Online

The ease of accessing extremism online; SoilCares; Electromagnetic Field 2016; Immersive storytelling studio at London’s National Theatre.

A new report highlights the ease of searching from extremist material online. Click talks to the co-author of the report, Mubaraz Ahmed from the Centre on Religion and Geopolitics about the informed analysis on the interaction of religion and conflict globally.

Regular testing of soil helps farmers know the condition of the soil in their farms and informs them about which type of crops to grow and how to improve their soil condition. The recent launch of a simple scanner kit in Kenya uses mobile technology to test soil. The kit of the Dutch company, SoilCares, aims to simplify matters for midscale to small scale farmers. Click’s Wairimu Gitahi reports from a farm on the outskirts of the capital, Nairobi.

Electromagnetic Field 2016
This month, more than 1,500 curious people will gather in a field outside of Guildford, southern England to learn how to use amateur satellites, live-code music, and much more at Electromagnetic Field 2016. It features hundreds of talks and workshops from the worlds of science, technology and craft. Click talks to one of the organisers, Jonty Wareing.

Immersive Storytelling Studio
The UK National Theatre’s Immersive Storytelling Studio was established to examine how Virtual Reality and 360 films can widen and enhance the National’s remit to be a pioneer of dramatic storytelling and to ‘enable an audience to stand in the shoes of somebody else’. Theatre regularly uses technology to enhance theatrical experience, or to allow creative teams to do things that might otherwise be difficult or impossible. Gareth Mitchell is given a demo of their latest experiments.

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