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The man who inspired a killer

Bombings in Saudi Arabia; a murder in the UK with roots in Pakistan's view of blasphemy; Colombia's parliamentary farce; Sierra Leone sea cucumbers and mayflies in Western Ireland

Kate Adie introduces stories from correspondents around the world.
Frank Gardner assesses the reaction to the bombing close to one of Islam's holiest sites.
Shaimaa Khalil tells how a Pakistani assassin and the country's strict blasphemy laws influenced a killer in the UK.
We go to Colombia to hear from Natalio Cosoy and the story of legislators who are struggling with a problem: how do you pass laws to force senators to turn up for work when the senators needed to pass the laws don't turn up for work.
Olivia Acland travels to meet residents of a small island off the coast of Sierra Leone who learn that rich foreigners bearing gifts don't always keep their promises.
And Diarmaid Fleming tells how the appearance of mayflies causes the residents of one Irish town to drop everything and take to the water in search of trout

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