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Driverless and sightless

Will blind people be allowed to drive autonomous cars?

Blind, visually impaired and other disabled people could benefit hugely from the new breed of automated cars that we hear such a lot about. But will this group of people be automatically permitted to drive them when the cars are legally allowed on the roads? (a transcript of this programme can be found in the Related Links section on this page)

We discovered in the last week that the first death has happened which involves driverless technology, a man using autopilot mode on a Tesla car. Does this change the desire of some blind and disabled people to want to travel in a computer controled car and gain that much-needed independence? Might the tragic incident put lawmakers off?

These and other questions are discussed in this edition of Inside Ouch featuring AbilityNet's Robin Christopherson and Hugh Huddy who considers policy at a big charity which supports visually impaired people.

With Damon Rose and Emma Tracey.

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