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Giving Afghan Children Their Songs Back

In the 1960s, American Louise Pascale collected children's songs when she was working in the Afghanistan. After the Taliban fell, she returned there to reintroduce the music.

American Louise Pascale collected Afghan children's songs when she was working in the country in the 1960s. After the Taliban fell, she decided to return to Afghanistan to reintroduce the songs.

Bosnian Faruk Šehić was set on being a vet when he was a teenager. However, his experience of the Balkan Wars led him to a career as a writer instead.

Nasir Sobhani calls himself the streets barber. Six days a week he operates in a conventional salon. Then, on his day off, he packs up his clippers and razors, and walks the streets of Melbourne, Australia, looking for homeless people in need of a free haircut.

Sergeant Colin Taylor is known as the Scilly Sergeant. It's a pun on the name of the islands where he works as a policeman. The Scilly Isles are an archipelago 28 miles off the south west coast of England. With a population of two and a half thousand, the crime rate is low, very low. Sergeant Taylor's social media posts about the quiet community have made him something of an internet celebrity.

Image: Louise Pascale handing out books of Afghan songs to Afghan children
Credit: Mrs Meraj

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