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Digital Nation: Episode 40

A weekly round-up of the best local independent television from around the UK.

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  • "I'm Tired..." Art: Notts TV

    An art project highlighting everyday prejudices people are tired of facing.

    Duration: 01:32

  • Talking to Tim Peake: Made in Leeds

    Primary school pupils speak to astronaut Tim Peake live in space.

    Duration: 02:08

  • Camphill Cafe: NVTV Belfast

    A community cafe giving people with learning difficulties work and life opportunities.

    Duration: 01:37

  • Maternity Care: That's Lancashire

    Midwives in Burnley at the forefront of a project to reduce the number of still births.

    Duration: 02:00

  • Pub and Paddle: Mustard TV

    A pub crawl - in a canoe: a new idea to help make the most of Norwich's riverside.

    Duration: 01:58

  • Hungry Labradors: Cambridge TV

    Geneticists find a new gene that helps explain why labradors are always peckish.

    Duration: 02:06

  • Sikh Gurdwara: STV Glasgow

    A private tour around Glasgow's impressive new Sikh temple.

    Duration: 01:37

  • Hybrid Water Taxi: That's Solent

    An engineering company in Southampton is designing a cutting edge hybrid boat engine.

    Duration: 01:45

  • Creative Kingdom: The Lie Detector

    Learn about the lady responsible for inventing the lie detector and Wonder Woman.

    Duration: 00:48

  • Baby Armadillo: STV Edinburgh

    Meet a fascinating baby armadillo and mum at Edinburgh Zoo.

    Duration: 01:16

  • Freestyle Footballer: Sheffield Live

    A freestyle footballer from Sheffield breaks a world record.

    Duration: 01:25

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