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Maryam Zandi is one of Iran's most respected photographers. She's best known for her portraits of artists and celebrities, but she's also captured some of the most momentous events in the country's history including the Revolution of 1979. But she held onto the photos she took during the protests there for an astonishing twenty seven years. We find out why.

Sath Biju is known as the Frogman of India. The amphibian biologist has spent over thirty years studying Indian frogs and has unearthed ninety previously undiscovered species. He describes the patience involved in finding a new species of frog.

Malika Jagad's patience would mean the difference between life and death. She took control of around 60 people whilst under gun attack at the Taj Palace Hotel in Mumbai in 2008 - and managed to keep them safe by persuading them to remain in a banqueting hall for an entire evening. She was later honoured for her bravery.

The Festival Lambe Lambe in the Chilean town of Valparaiso claims to be the world's only event devoted entirely to miniature theatre. We find out why visiting the theatre requires both the directors and the audience to be very patient indeed.

Devoted birdwatcher Vernon Head from South Africa has patience in abundance. Twenty five years ago a British expedition unearthed a unique bird's wing in the mud of the plains of Ethiopia. It was the only evidence of the existence of the Nechisar Nightjar - a species that had never been seen before. It inspired him to set off on the adventure of a life time.

(L) Photo: Iranian Photographer Maryam Zandi. Credit: A. Pirbadian.
(R) Photo: Frogman Sath Biju. Credit: BBC Radio.

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