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Oklahoma: Reclaiming Native America?

This week, Owen Bennett Jones and the Newshour Extra team travel to Oklahoma, which has one of the largest Native American populations in the United States.

Oklahoma has one of the largest Native American populations in the United States. By using their right to govern themselves, Oklahoma’s tribes have become economic powerhouses, contributing hugely to the state economy. But is Oklahoma as much of a success story as it seems? Has the political influence of Native Americans – and the treatment of their culture – changed in line with growing economic success? And, are there valuable lessons to be learned from Oklahoma for indigenous peoples in the rest of the United States and around the world?

(Photo: Native American's in traditional costumes and headdress. Credit: Elizabeth Davies)

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Sun 17 Apr 2016 04:06GMT


 Neal McCaleb, Ambassador-at-Large for the Chickasaw Nation

Allison Herrera, co-creator of Invisible Nations project on KOSU radio

Sarah Adams-Cornell, advocate for Native American rights

Taiawagi Helton, professor of law at the University of Oklahoma

Elizabeth Payne, Center for Sovereign Nations at Oklahoma State University


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