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Even the Dead Can’t Escape Politics

Despatches from close to the De-militarised Zone in Korea and from the United States, Pakistan, Colombia and Myanmar

Insight, colour, analysis. Steve Evans visits a cemetery which poignantly illuminates present day politics in the troubled Korean peninsula; Owen Bennett Jones has the story of a young Pakistani man who left home to see a film and ended up with the Taliban in Afghanistan; Jonah Fisher in Myanmar explains how Aung San Suu Kyi has turned the tables on the generals and taken for herself a string of top government jobs; Rachel Wright has been in Colombia where they're preparing a case for the UN saying the war on drugs isn't working and it's time for a radical change and Neal Razzell's been talking to cowboys out in the canyonlands of eastern Oregon. There's a plan to turn huge tracts of them into a national park. So why are the ranchers far from keen?

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